Wk1-Classmate Conversation-Katy

First class and got the chance to meet Katy from Maryland! I asked her how it was living there and asked if she liked the snow(because I love visiting places where it snows) surprisingly she said she loves it! I always heard that people who have lived in the snow don’t like it because it can be a hassle, but not her! Katy is a second year and lives in the dorms with a friend she met her first year. She mentioned she was interested to know more about greek life because she saw I was in a sorority(I had a sticker on my laptop) so I told her a few things that I do. It’s Katy’s first semester as a film major but she wants to double major in environmental science, which I thought was so cool because I took a geology class last semester and loved it! We got to talking about where we worked, she is a student teacher at a high school nearby! I told her and I have two jobs and one of them is working at Yogurtland and she said that the west coast is so different because we have so many yogurt places but on the east coast everyone loves ice cream. It was really cool meeting someone from the other side of the country!


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