Wk1-Art Experience-Plaster Casting

This was an interesting, and very cold, experience for me! Unfortunately, I work every day of the week so I did not have the time to make it to Seal Beach to do the mold with classmates. Luckily a friend was willing to help me out Friday night after I got off work. We went to one of the small beaches off Second Street and got ready to start the project! It was a little after sunset so it was pretty cold out, right when my toes hit the sand I knew it was only gonna get worse when I had to bury my foot for the mold. It was a little difficult to pull my foot out of the sand without messing up the hole, but after a few tries I got it and I think it stayed pretty well! While waiting for the plaster to dry, my friend and I enjoyed a beautiful view of lights reflecting off the water and shared a granola bar I found at the bottom of my purse. As you can tell I didn’t really plan for the 30 minutes of waiting. Once the plaster dried I tried my best to dig up my foot mold without stabbing through it, it wasn’t going so well so my friend dug it up for me! After rinsing off the mold I could see the outline of my toes, and maybe it was just me but I swear there were outlines of my toenails too! I was shocked at how well the final product turned out; I even sent a picture to my mom and told her to put it on display somewhere, she thought it was gross looking. Sadly I broke the toes off right when I got back to my car, but I’m going to super glue them back on so I can force my mom to display my beautiful foot in her garden!  Overall, it was a fun and different experience and I loved that it was a project that required going out somewhere and having fun, not just writing or doing research. I’m very excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the semester!


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