Wk 15-Art Activity-Designing My Life

This had to be one of the more challenging blog posts because for the most part I focus on what is going on right now and now about the future.
Plan 1

This is probably the most realistic plan for me. I have recently thought about becoming a high school teacher or a professor. I am currently a statistics major so I would want to teach a math subject, I was thinking Pre-calculus for high school or linear algebra for college. The first step I would have to take this year would be switching my major to math education. Within the next year I need to sign up to shadow a teacher in high school, I could even start doing that back at my old high school. After shadowing for a year or so I’ll probably be starting to earn my teaching credentials, once I’m finally done going through school I would want to volunteer and teach abroad for a few years just to experience something new before being stuck in a classroom here. Within 5-7 years I think I could have my career in teaching.
Plan 2

This is not the most realistic but it is something I have always thought about. Stay at home mom. I’ve always known that I wanted to get married at an age younger than 30 or soon after I graduate college. Right now that is looking like it could actually happen and that means I could have kids by the time I am 27! I know I would not be a stay at home mom for my whole life, but for the first few years of my child’s life I would want to be there for them. I think once they are about 10-13 years old I would go out and find a job to help support with my husband.
Plan 3

This is the most far fetched but it would be ideal. It is similar to what Chante does but with food. I would love to be able to travel the world to taste different food and talk about it on a show. I am very open minded when it comes to trying new foods, the first time I flew across the country I fell in love with everything I ate. It would be amazing to fly to a new country and learn to cook the foods then have a show where I talked about my experiences. In order to do this I would need to expand my knowledge about different cultures and somehow get into a studio where they would actually consider doing my show. I could start out small and just do a youtube channel but that would mean I need to save up thousands of dollars to fund my own trips.


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