Personally, beachboard would be my top choice for the online portion of the class. Since it is used by the entire school everyone knows how to use it so we do not have to struggle to figure out a new website. There is also a discussion part to beachboard where we could post all our blog posts in different categories and we could comment on each others posts because they would all be in one place!
Between wordpress and slack I would definitely choose wordpress. Slack is cool to talk to other students but as far as the discussion posts go, I do not think it is necessary to introduce a new website when beachboard has a discussion area that we could use instead.
It is hard to choose just one art activity as my favorite because there are a few that I really enjoyed doing. The first was the plaster casting! I really liked having to go to the beach and get outdoors to do the project and I loved the way my foot turned out! I thought it was a fun project and we got to keep something from it! My other favorite was making the zine! I really got to open up my creative side and make something wierd and different but it also told a story and was really cool. I still have my zine in my house because my roommates all loved it! Finally, sketching in the garden was a favorite because it was very relaxing and I got to see a part of the campus that I had never gone to before.
Of course not everyone is going to love every single thing we did so here are a few that were not my favorite things in the world.
I was not really a fan of the art care package because I was confused as to what it was supposed to contain. I thought it was more like sending someone colored pencils or paint so they could make their own art, I did not really understand how a new article or something like that could be art.
The automatic drawing was not one of my favorites either, it was wierd having to hold hands and draw with another person. Also I wasn’t sure exactly what we had to draw, we literally just drew circles on a paper, it felt pointless and like a waste of trees ):
The architecture and urban planning did not seem like an art activity. I did not feel like there was a lot of room for creativity when redesigning one of the wedges.

Overall I would recommend this class to my friends(I already have). It is different from a normal class setting and definitely interesting and has fun activities!


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