Wk12-Artist Conversation-Jacob Hogan

Artist: Jacob Hogan

Exhibition: Esoteric Murmers

Media: Metal

Gallery: Dutzi Gallery

Website: Yhfabrication.com

About the Artist

Jacob Hogan is working towards his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in 3-D media, mainly using different types of metal. He left school for a period of time to find his level and what he liked working with. Hogan’s work is a very neutral exhibition created to be appreciated by all people, and not to offend anyone. Therefore, some critics said his exhibition lacked emotion.

Formal Analysis

Almost everything in the exhibition is made out of some type of metal. Blue prints of each piece are posted so viewers can see how everything was created. It took two months to complete the entire exhibition. The first metal chain took about a month to finalize, Hogan said once he did the first chain it took only about a week to made the other chains that were copper and steel. There were other metals used, such as brass, nickel, aluminum, and silver.

Content Analysis

The entire exhibition is made up of assignments given by an instructor. An idea would be given and Hogan put his own twist on it. An assingment involving tea was given and he ended up making tea infusers even tho he isn’t a huge tea drinker. He enjoys working with his hands, like much of his family, and that led him to creating 3-D objects. All the objects made have a purpose or use.


This exhibition caught my attention because it was very neat and clean. Many artists go for an abstract view which I do not relate to. I liked that the blue prints were displayed because it showed every detail and showed how much thought was put into each piece. I am a math major and logical thinker so this immediately caught my attention. There was also a lamp hanging that I thought was amazing!


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