Wk12-Art Activity-Ethnography

Going into this experience I thought it was going to be really boring so I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I decided to get out of my house and go somewhere else so at least I wouldn’t be just sitting in the dark at home alone. I took my boyfriend to my brother’s house in Newport and we hung out there all day and night. Usually when I go there I don’t use my phone or any electronics a lot so it didn’t really seem too bad. When the sun started to set we lit a bonfire and spent all night talking around the fire. I think we were outside on the beach until 1 in the morning before going straight to bed. It was a nice experience not being glued to my phone and just talking to my family all night, I think before electricity people were more social and entertained each other rather than using devices to do so. I ended up really enjoying my electricity free night!IMG_0879.JPG


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