Wk9-Artist Conversation-Lauryn Hutchens, Bethany King, Stephen Lee, Seth Robinson, Haru Shafer, Tyler Zak

Artist: Lauryn Hutchens, Bethany King, Stephen Lee, Seth Robinson, Haru Shafer, Tyler Zak

Exhibition: One Body

Media: paint, wood, ceramic, mirror, photography, string, paper, watercolor, polymer clay

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East Gallery

About the Artist

This exhibition was a combination of numerous artists’ works. Not all of the artists were pursuing a degree in the the school of arts, they just wanted to come together to share their ideas of a similar interest. They are a community that came together from different backgrounds to share their love for God.

Formal Analysis

Because many of the art in this exhibition were not done by art students, the work is less complex than what I’ve seen. There was a piece that spelled out “ONE” with pieces of paper attached to cardboard; each paper had someone’s name on it. Another piece had a tapestry pinned to the walls with strings running across it to look like a tangled web. There was also one that has an open book with a leaf across the pages and clay people. The people are sitting in a small circle on top off the leaf. Other works were watercolor or drawings using many different colors, there was even a poem posted.

Content Analysis

The entire exhibition is about people coming together from different backgrounds and communities. The reason they come together is because of their shared love for their faith in Jesus. My favorite piece was the one of the clay people sitting on an open book on a leaf. It shows how small we are in the world but how people still come together to share knowledge and that is bigger than all of us. Another favorite of mine was “All Caught Up” where strings were draped back and forth over the background, each one representing an individual creating the piece.


I related to this piece a lot because all of my friends are from different backgrounds. I agree that people can come together to discuss knowledge and common interests despite where they come from. I live in a house with five other girls, all of us from different parts of California and all of us are different ethnicities. We all get along very well and found a way to live under one roof.


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