Wk6-Artist Conversation-Meme


Artist: Group collaboration

Media: projector

CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

I went into the meme exhibit and saw the projection screen showing fast flashes of different memes. I decided whatever meme I happened to catch with a picture would be the inspiration to my short story. I got an image of multiple memes mixed into one so its going to be a different story. IMG_0483.PNG.png

It was a day like any other in the life of this horrible woman, Loreen. Anywhere she went she always had a problem with something or someone. When she went to restaurants she would complain about the food and cause a scene so her meal would be free. She was the type of person to switch tags on sale items to get things for the lowest price possible. Her life was miserable because she was alone, so she took out her anger on anyone she came in contact with. Loreen knew how to work people to get what she wanted, but this day things went a little different.
Pie cravings in full force Loreen went to a local pie shop five minutes before closing to get cherry pie. Being that late the shop was out of the cherry pie.
“Can I speak to your manager?” Loreen said.
The newly hired employee brought out her manager James. James knew Loreen as a frequent customer and knew just how difficult she could be. He was over her and did not care to have her business anymore. Fed up with her complaining her politely asked her to leave. This made Loreen upset because she did not get what she want, she refused to leave. Finally ten minutes after yelling and knocking things off the shelves Loreen left.
James was a very forgiving person but he could not get over how horrible this woman was. There was a part of him that could no longer be contained and he began to fear, not for his own life but for Loreen’s. He knew what was coming….
See when James gets mad he loses all control. A curse put on his family centuries before, when a certain level of anger is reached he will turn into a dinosaur and cannot be controlled. An hour after Loreen leaving his transformation began and in the middle of the night he attacked. He destroyed her house and left Loreen there barely alive. When the attack was done he turned back into a human and his secret was revealed to Loreen.
She ended up surviving the attack. Once would think she would have learned her lesson of being rude and treating people in that way. That was not the case. Instead she used his secret against him to get free pies for the rest of her life. At least she got fat.


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