Wk6-Art Experience-Zine

This art experience has been my favorite one so far! Right away when I thought of what to do for the zine I thought of my love/hate relationship with my cat, Leo. My roommates and I got him a few months ago and our hate has been growing ever since. At first it was just going to be pictures of him, but when I started looking through my photos I noticed a lot of funny pictures of my roommates. I decided to make my zine with two backgrounds; the first is living with five other girls, and the second is our growing hate for Leo. The zine starts out with Leo as a kitten and us cuddling, by the end of the book the hatred is apparent. The words on the pages are things I yell at him because he is always messing things up or getting in the way. There are also snapchat banners on each page, they start with a high number but go down throughout the book because my love for him is disappearing. I thought I had the book planned out but as I went I felt like my artistic side came out more and more and I ended up cutting and pasting pictures everywhere. I’m very happy with the result and all my roommates loved it! If I were to make another book I think I would try to incorporate more media like magazine cut outs.



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