Wk5-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing

This week’s art experience seemed a little odd to me. I couldn’t think of who I wanted to do the drawing with because it seemed like it had to be such an intimate experience. I finally decided to do the drawing with one of my roommates. I’ve lived with her for two years now so I knew she’d help me do it without it being awkward. We used an old cardboard box that she got from ordering a skateboard as our flat surface. I poured us a glass of wine(best $5 wine ever!) and she lit an incense. She is so much smaller than me so when we had to use the markers I felt like my hands were taking over hers! It was very hard to keep in our laughter and close our eyes the whole time. Our cat kept walking back and forth trying to figure out what we were doing. You can see him in one of the pictures, he was trying to bite the paper.


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