Wk4-Artist Conversation-Jenny Cho

Artist: Jenny Cho

Exhibition: INPROCESS

Media: Wood, Acrylic, Circuit Board, Succulents, Electrical Wire, Nylon, Lipstick, Metal, Synthetic Hair, Watercolor Paper, Mirror, Glass, Thread

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: cxthxdx_gxrl

About the Artist

Jenny Cho is currently working towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts in drawing and painting, this is her last semester. She took her first art class when she was 26 years old and now twelve years later she is getting her degree. Jenny Cho was a transfer student from Fullerton College to here at CSULB. Once she receives her bachelors she plans to get her masters and teach as an art professor. She likes to work a lot with repetition because she believes nature can be repetitive, and she also connects math and geometry into her art.

Formal Analysis

There are a wide variety of media and materials used in each piece of art displayed. The first is a colorful piece on a wood panel that is covered with nylon. The nylon sort of hides all the color beneath and there is a bulge pushing from behind that nylon that is meant to represent the bulge of a male. The next piece used a glossy medium with silk and ceramic flowers placed on top. It is also on a wood panel with nylon wrapped over. There were three pieces put together meant to be a self portrait of Jenny. Placed above the rest was a wood panel that actually had her face hidden that could only be seen at a certain angle, the whole panel was covered in lipstick. The second part of the self portrait was a mold of her bust that she used to experiment with a glossy medium, she added more layers of different colors and even put in succulent plants so they are decomposing within her art. The final piece of her self portrait is two wood panels that is colorful and covered in hair that was individually placed. There was a piece that was hand painted on watercolor paper and strung together to form a tapestry-like piece that gently hung. There was wooden panels where the grain of the wood was used to inspire how it would be painted and become its own.

Content Analysis

Jenny’s art works a lot around feminism and gender identity. Her two pieces “Can You See Him?” and “I Can See Her” were created to represent a man and a woman. “Can You See Him?” represented a male who is possibly gender confused and relates himself more towards typically girly things, that is why hidden under the nylon there is a fairytale story that every feminine pronoun is changed to masculine. She even put a bulge to show the male form, but used a female bra insert to do so. “I Can See Her” is a piece representing the two sides Jenny believes each woman can have; an innocent or sort of vixen personality. She used soft pink colors to show the innocence and outlined it with red roses to show the sexuality. Her self portrait was covered in red lipstick to show her seductive side. The middle piece of the portrait was to represent her bust, and the bottom ressembled a vagina. There is no clear path in mind with any of her art. However, her art transitions to a look that is not so random and very put together. That is where she ties in math and repetition into her systems painting, which she believes to be punishing but also playful.


When first walking through and viewing the art in INPROCESS I was confused by how each piece went together. After discussing the art with Jenny I saw the transition from each piece. The piece of the sort of hiding transgender male was definitely my favorite. I was hesitant at first to try to look beneath the nylon but Jenny encouraged people to touch her art and see what was underneath! The story switched to masculine pronouns was sort of twisted and seemed wierd, it opened my eyes that transgender or gender confusion should not be something that we think wrong of. I also liked the fact that she said she connects math and geometry into her work. I am a math major and often catch myself analyzing pretty much everything in how it is shaped, the length, or if there are any patterns. I saw patterns her last few pieces and I those were the ones that made more sense to me right away.


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