Wk4-Art Experience-Art Care Package

img_0404I decided to give my art care package to my best friend, I cant really send it because she’s also my roommate so I just handed it to her! She is 20 years old and turning 21 in a few weeks so I got her temporary tattoos that say “21” and stuff like that. I think these tattoos can be seen as body art and many people wear them when they go to raves, which is what she wants to do for her birthday! Her favorite things in the world are cats so I made a cat face out of pipe cleaner and even included some extra so she can make something herself if she wanted. I put the pipe cleaner in a make up bag that was hand crafted. She is very into doing make up and is constantly buying new products so I thought it was something that could contribute to her art of doing makeup. There is a receipt that I got today from In n Out and on it are sad faces because I got the nastiest fries I’ve ever had and I was so upset about it! Slightly harder to see are two buttons of my favorite artist! Florence + The Machine is a popular indie artist that I absolutely love!

Sending an art care package can be similar to snap chat because it is also a surprise of what they are getting. Before opening a snapchat we never know what we will see, same with opening a surprise art care package! The difference is snap chats do not last, we can only replay them once and after that they are gone forever. The care package can be kept and admired for as long as they want to keep it! This lets the recipient of the package in control of how long they want to keep everything, unlike snapchat where the sender chooses how long they let the other person view what they send. When things last for only a moment I think they make a bigger impact on us. Think about if your mom tells you theres a letter waiting for you on a table, it’s not likely that you will rush over to look at it because you know it will be there. If a friend told you to hurry and look at something before its gone, you know you will be running right over and once you see it, it’s all you’ll talk about for a few minutes and it becomes a memory. I think items passed down have more meaning, my grandmother has a flapper dress that she got in the 20s, she passed it down to my mother and I eventually got to wear it. Items that have history will be enjoyed longer and with time gain more respect and admiration.

Either way, art is art and it is not different because it is seen by more or less people. I believe the artist can decide whether or not they think it is art, and if it has meaning then to them it is art and it will remain that no matter who they decide to show. It is amazing that we can show someone something within seconds because of technology, this can be better because we can send information or send someone something within seconds! They don’t have to wait for a picture or something in the mail to come. But I also believe slow can be better, receiving a package shows that someone took the time to put together a bunch of stuff they thought you would like and send it to you. Waiting can also increase one’s enthusiasm to receive something. They get more excited and anxious everyday to get a heartfelt gift. To me, an art care package shows more love than a snapchat would because I receive snap chats all the time but I have rarely received a package.



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