Wk2-Art Experience-Landscape with a Corpse

This experience had been haunting me all week long. I had a lot of trouble trying to come up with an idea of where to do this and how to “look dead”. After bouncing some ideas off my roommates, I decided what better place than the beach? I run on the beach almost every morning and I always notice trash and dead plants that wash ashore. I wanted to look like I washed up on shore with all that stuff and just went unnoticed by everyone, just like the trash does. I wore a dress that I think the deep ocean would look like. It has dark blue that represents the water, but it also has green and purple that could be seaweed and coral or sea urchins. My roommate and I drove down to the beach near my house to snap a few pictures and I’ll admit that it was really hard to keep a straight face and not laugh even though my eyes were closed! My roommate was making fun of me the whole time because I did not know how to pose on the ground to appear dead. She told me to just fall and see where I land, so that’s what I did and she snapped away!


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